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postheadericon Black Friday Sale, New Releases, & Store CU Grab Bag

New this week from Disasterpiece Studios:

Save big this weekend with my Black Friday sale!  Save 75% starting Friday November 25 through NOON on Saturday, the 26th! Then still save big with 60% off from noon Saturday November 26 through Monday the 28th!

I’ve got my store loaded with new products, all included in the sale.  Check them out here:

Some of the Sugar girls have put together a Black Friday CU Grab Bag on sale for one week only!  There’s 16 brand new packs, don’t miss your chance to snatch it up!

That’s it for now, have a great weekend!

postheadericon 5 For $5 & 30% Off New CU

This week you can pick any 5 products from my shop for only $5.00!

I have also added a new pack of small pine cones that will be 30% off all week.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading!

postheadericon 30% Off New CU and 50% Off Select Products

I have two new products in my shop today, both are 30% off all week.

I have also gone through my shop and marked down various select items 50% off for a limited time!  Most are autumn themed.  Here’s some of what I’ve put on sale:

I still have my Fall Fun Pack Grab Bag on sale for only $4.  That’s a savings of 80% still, but only for a limited time!

That’s all for me this week!  Hope you have a great weekend!

postheadericon New CU Grab Bag and Sampler this week!

This week I have a new Fall Fun Pack in my shop, a $20 value for only $4 for a limited time!  It has 4 brand new full sized commercial use products in it, and all products are shown in the preview.  For full sized and 100% previews of each product, just check out the additional images in my shop.

Also this week, there’s a new Tidbits Sampler pack in my shop.  8 new CU tools for only $1.50, all in one pack.

That’s it for this week, hope you all have a great weekend!

postheadericon 60% off Birthday Sale, Freebie Blog Train, CU Collab GB, and New Products!

So Sorry for being so quiet lately! We have had a lot of problems with our internet provider the last few months.  We have had a connection, but it’s slower than the old dial up internet used to be.  Well unlucky for me, it decided to just completely die the other night right after I posted my blog train post.  I managed to get a couple products xcarted Thursday, but that’s been it.  No newsletter, no blog posts, no facebook posts, nothing.  I have a few more new products sitting on my EHD just waiting to be xcarted.  It’s the wrong week for this to be happening!  So sorry about whining, but I wanted to explain why you’ve heard so little from me for the last few months.  I’m not as antisocial as I appear to be, I swear 😉
So time for an update with all the happenings at SugarHillco this week!  Going on now through the 11th of August, the ENTIRE SHCO shop is on sale for 60% off to celebrate our 3rd Birthday!!  3 years already, it’s gone by so fast!  It’s also my 1 year anniversary with SugarHillco 😀  It’s been the best year, I love it here so much I just can’t tell you!  We have so much more going on to celebrate with you too!  First up is another of our infamous Freebie Blog Trains.
You can start here at SugarHillco’s blog and just chug along the list to grab all the goods.
This is my portion, you can click on the image to go to my blog and grab if you’d like.
Also it is my week to provide the free gift with purchase for the shop.  This is what you can get for free with a purchase of $5 or more from any of the shops at SugarHillco this week!
Another way to celebrate three fabulous years is this amazing Collab Grab Bag from the Sugar Girls.  Inside you’ll find 15  Limited CU packs.  One each from Disasterpiece Studios, Eyeinspire, GS Creations, Just Jaimee, KimB, LouCee Creations, Melissa Bennett, Miss Tiina, Mommyish, Rachaels Scraps, Sugarplum Paperie, That Girl, Wendy Page Designs, Wishing Well Creations & Zoe Pearn! It’s only available for a limited time, and it’s an $89. value for only $10.00!  Click on the preview to grab yours now!
So I did manage to squeeze a couple new products in last night when I had a brief limited connection. It took almost 4 hours just to xcart it, it’s so ridiculous…but sadly I’d happily take that today over the nothing I have now LOL!  Here’s what I managed to get uploaded:

Also I added these other packs the week before, but I wasn’t able to get a newsletter out to let you know:



Ok, I think that’s FINALLY all I have for now to share with you :) EVERYTHING in my shop is on sale for 60% off, even the newest products!  I WILL be back as soon as I can get some of those other new products uploaded and in my shop!  Until then, have a great time at the sale and with the blog train.  We always have so much fun getting things together for you all, I hope it’s just as much fun for you to play along!  Have a great weekend everyone, thanks again for all of your support :)
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